If you are reading this, it means that the world of equestrian sports fascinates you. You will be able to find the discipline that best suits you and your horses. It is a complex and varied world. So, if you are thinking of taking up a horse sport, incorporating it into the activities of your stables or teaching it to some horses that you would like to sell at auction, this article will give you some information and some food for thought. Let’s start straight away.

Many different sports: horse riding and equestrianism

When one thinks of horses, one automatically thinks of horse riding and equestrianism, which are clearly two different things. These are the two main ‘categories’ to which the numerous disciplines known throughout the world belong.

Although, etymologically, the word horse riding encompasses all equestrian sports, in recent years efforts have been made to create a kind of subdivision. In other words, horse riding includes many different types of performances on different types of terrain, which do not always take the form of competitions requiring speed. Equestrianism, on the other hand, encompasses precisely the many speed contests on racecourses that are organised in the world of horse sports.

Horse riding in detail

Having clarified the distinction, it is useful to say that the classic horse sports that are part of horse riding are show jumping, dressage and cross country. There are others, and each of them is usually divided into categories based on age and size.

Show jumping is one of the most popular disciplines. The same goes for dressage, a sport in which the horse has to perform predefined figures, for which it is voted by the jury. There is a type of dressage called ‘KUR’, where the jockey creates the music and figures. Cross-country, on the other hand, involves competitions that can even last more than one day, with courses of a rural nature and various obstacles.

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Horse riding sports for horse lovers

As mentioned above, these are disciplines performed on tracks at racecourses. They mostly involve competitions where speed is the protagonist. The disciplines to be considered here are trotting and galloping. Both sports are very popular and followed all over the world.

What should you do to get the most out of horse sports?

Whether it is horse riding or equestrian sports, it is always necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the chosen sport and to train with the horse. If you have a farm or a riding school, you must allow the animals to prepare themselves, either on their own or with the support of experts in the field. Care must also be taken to prepare the horse for specific competitions, adjusting its diet correctly and paying attention to its appearance.

With this in mind, after doing the necessary research it will not be difficult to participate in competitions, let alone sell a horse at an auction in a certain category. If you have your own breeding and riding stables, you will certainly be able to manage your new arrivals well and look after them carefully from birth. In this case, you can count on the support of our Foaling Alarm: don’t hesitate to find out exactly what this is all about by accessing the dedicated section on this site.

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