C6 Birth Control Foaling Alarm is a kit consisting of a micro transmitter and a receiver equipped with a GSM modem, which can register up to 8 phone numbers.
How it works?

The C6 Birth Control transmitter is installed in the broodmare’s vulva during the last days of pregnancy.

Like C6 EVO, the system activates in the first moments of the birth, notifying in real time to the farmer and to all saved numbers the need of assistance.


As reported on the user manual, when it is not used, we recommend to leave the system in charge and switched on at least 24 hours every 15 days, connecting the ballast to electricity; this will guarantee a prolonged life of the battery.

The following checks must be performed with the original ballast connected to the electricity and to the C6 EVO, switched on.

No led lights up:

Verify the presence of electricity and check that the power supply jack is correctly inserted; if the problem persists, the device must be sent to the repair service together with all its accessories.

The green led flashes but the yellow led does not

The power supply is defective or there is no electricity, the power supply is replaced with an original one.

The green led is on but it does not blink:

This is one of the most common malfunctions, and can be caused by several factors.
The green led in facts blinks about a minute after the SIM is inserted, only if the system is ready; if just one of the following parameters is not matched, the green light remains steady:

  • SIM is not correctly inserted
  • PIN is not inserted
  • There is not the “NT1VS number” in the register of the SIM
  • The operator of the SIM has no signal
  • Antennas are not correctly screwed up
  • The SIM is expired or there is no credit on it (for rechargeable SIMs)
  • The SIM supports only 3G or more recent technology (ask to the seller or to the operator)

The system does not receive data when a TX C6 BIRTH CONTROL sensor is active:

  • Check to be in the sensor range
  • Check with another sensor and, if the sensor does not work, send the not functioning sensor to SISTECK for the trade-in replacement (normally the replacement must be done every two years even if the system does not apparently present any malfunction, the batteries tends to auto-discharge even if the device is not used).

The C6 BIRTH CONTROL base receives the signal (it activates the alarm and beeps) but does not make phone calls:

  • If the green led does not blink, follow the instructions above.
  • Check that there is enough credit on the SIM and that it is not expired
  • Delete the previously saved phone numbers and save them again using a different phone (remember, you must save the phone numbers on the SIM memory, not on the phone).
  • The battery in the base is spent, recharge it for 24 hours than repeat the procedure, if the malfunctioning persists send the system to the repair service together with the SIM and all the accessories.

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