Horse breeders can feel comfortable with C6 Evo and C6 Birth Control, our foaling alarm systems for equines. These devices are specially designed to warn the breeder of foals’ imminent birth.

The features that the devices in question have in common

Thanks to these practical transmitters, pregnancy is managed with peace of mind even if you are far away. In fact, you won’t have to wait by the mare’s side. When the time comes, the notice will arrive and you can go there to follow the last moments of labour and the next birth.

Both monitoring devices are equipped with transmitters that can be activated in the last stage of pregnancy. They alert the breeder on the smartphone (and other memorable numbers), and not only that, both in case of complications and when the unborn child is ready to come into the world. Let’s look in detail at the characteristics and differences between these foaling alarm for equines.



The main differences between C6 Evo e C6 Birth Control

The C6 Evo device is the evolution of C6 Birth Control. Both are devices working for the same goal: to warn the breeder that the foal is about to be born.

The C6 Birth Control is the first device created for this purpose. The transmitter installed on the mare at the end of the pregnancy warns the breeder when the foaling begins. It can contact all 8 emergency numbers that can be registered. In addition to the microtransmitter, the kit is in fact composed of a receiver with GSM modem. The C6 Birth Control is one of the birthing signaling systems for horses that our customers like very much.


The additional features of C6 Evo

As we were saying, C6 Evo is the evolution of C6 Birth Control. Unlike the latter, C6 Evo is equipped with a touchscreen monitor that allows you to quickly and intuitively set up the system. It is also equipped with an internal battery that ensures its autonomy even in the absence of electricity. It is therefore possible to monitor the mare at any time and in any condition.

C6 Evo is one of the best foaling alarm systems for equines also because it can remain in standby for a long time. In spite of this, at any time it can communicate the beginning of the pregnancy, by text message or call to registered numbers.

The transmitters of C6 Evo are equipped with a flashing LED and receive up to one kilometre away. The dimensions of the transmitters of C6 Birth Control and C6 Evo are the same, but those of C6 Evo have a range five times greater than the former.

The battery life of the C6 Evo transmitters is also more durable, with a minimum consumption that allows you to constantly monitor the status of the bitch until the birth of the foal.

Do you need one of the best foaling signalling systems for equines?

If you answered yes, you should know that the C6 Evo and the C6 Birth Control are the most widely used foaling alarm systems used by breeders to monitor mare pregnancies and foaling. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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