C6 EVO Foaling Alarm is the evolution of C6 Birth Control; this system is composed by a touch screen which makes extremely easy to manage all the settings.
When the transmitter is activated, its ID appears on the screen and the transmitter is than put in contact with all the phone numbers registered in the system.

C6 EVO is provided with an internal, autonomous battery which allows the system to stay active even when there is no electricity.
Thanks to this alarm system it is possible to monitor mores pregnancy constantly and safely, always and in any condition.

C6 EVO uses transmitters with a range of up to 1 Km, and are provided with a LED which, when blinking, indicates data transmission, helping to monitor system functionalities.
These new transmitters have the same dimension of those used in the old control system, but have a five times higher range.
Transmitter battery has a long duration; it allows to monitor the more pregnancy without troubles and with minimum energy consumption, from the moment it sends the first signal until the colt’s birth. Right now,

C6 EVO is used by hundreds of farmers and helped to give birth to thousands of foals.


As reported on the user manual, when it is not used, we recommend to leave the system in charge and switched on at least 24 hours every 15 days, connecting the ballast to electricity; this will guarantee a prolonged life of the battery.

The following checks must be performed with the original ballast connected to the electricity and to the C6 EVO, switched on.

No led lights up:

Verify the presence of electricity and check that the power supply jack is correctly inserted; if the problem persists, the device must be sent to the repair service together with all its accessories.

Green led (on the left) blinks every 15 seconds but the yellow led (on the right) remains off:

The ballast is not working or there is no electricity, replace the ballast with another original one.

The display shows the message “GSM OFF No SIM inserted”

Insert a VALID SIM with disabled PIN.

The GSM logo is not green and the signal is 0:

  • SIM is not valid.
  • Signal is missing, antennas should be checked and the position of C6 EVO BASE should be eventually changed.

The system does not receive data when the TX C6 EVO sensor is on:

  •  Check to be in the sensor range.
  • Check with another sensor and, if the sensor does not work, send the not functioning sensor for the trade-in replacement (normally the replacement must be done every two years, even if the system does not apparently present any malfunction, the batteries tends to auto-discharge even if the device is not used).
  • Check if, removing the magnet from the sensor, the internal led lights up, if not the sensor is spent.

The system receives the alarm signal but does not execute any phone call or send SMS:

  • – Check to have correctly saved at least one of the phone numbers to call.
  • Check that “VOICE” voice, in the phone numbers and SMS page, is enabled.
  • Check that the SIM is correctly activated and that there is credit on it (for rechargeable SIMs).
  • Check through INFO function that all settings are correctly set up.
  • Check the LOG page and send to SISTECK the images of the collected logs (2 pages).

The system presents the message: “wait to call=xxxx” and makes a sound:

This is normal when the ballast is not connected or there is no electricity; the “Wait to call” time indicates the seconds left before the system sends the alert to saved numbers which have the “NETWORK” voice enabled.

The system has a writing on a red background where it says that the battery is low:

The power supply has been disconnected for a long time and the battery has reached extremely low levels, reconnect power supply to avoid switching off.

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