C6 EVO IoT (Internet of Things) Receiver, simply the smart evolution of theC6 EVO with even more forward-looking features.

The interactive LCD screen functionality remains, while the WEB connection via a dedicated app enables remote menu and notification management.

The interactive functionality of the LCD screen is retained, while a WEB connection is added to allow remote management of menus and notifications via a dedicated APP.

The only system on the market that can be used for this purpose.

The only system on the market that combines voice calls, SMS and notifications at the time of delivery as well as allowing continuous software updates via the WEB.

C6 EVO IoT is an evolution of the C6 EVO, an alarm system useful for monitoring the final phase of equine pregnancies.

In addition to all the features described about the C6 EVO, it is distinguished by the possibility of being connected to a server and managed from a smartphone using the C6 IoT APP.

This product, when the time comes, will be the first to be launched in the world.

This product, at a time when IoT technology has become a worldwide standard, represents the top of its class currently on the market.

The GSM system with LTE technology and a global module enables good worldwide coverage.

This product, when IoT technology has become standard, is the best in its class currently on the market.

Configuration, monitoring and testing via the APP makes the system extremely simple and intuitive to use.

With the ability to receive data from the GSM system, the system can be configured and monitored by the APP.

With the possibility of receiving triple notification (Voice, SMS, APP) increases the security of event reception.


As indicated in the user’s manual, during the period of non-use, we recommend leaving the system on charge for at least 24 hours every 15 days by connecting the power supply to the mains and with the switch set to ON; this will allow full maintenance of the battery.

The following checks are considered to have been carried out with the original power supply connected to the mains and to the C6 EVO, and with the switch set to ON.

The following tests are considered to have been carried out with the original power supply connected to the mains and to the C6 EVO, and the switch set to ON.

No LED lights up

Check that the mains supply is present and that the power plug is inserted correctly, or that the internal battery is charged; if the problem persists, send the appliance complete with accessories for repair.

The green LED (left) flashes approx. every 15 sec. but the yellow LED remains off

The power supply unit is defective or lacks power, replace the power supply unit with an original one.

Left-hand green LED does not flash every 15 seconds

The system has crashed, switch off and on again.

The system displays the message WAIT TO CALL:XXXX

This is normal when the power supply is not connected or there is a lack of power; the “Wait to Call” time expresses the seconds remaining until the telephone call is made to numbers that have the “NETWORK” entry enabled in the memory.

The upper telephone reception scale does not illuminate

The inserted SIM card has no signal, has expired or is damaged. Always insert the SIM card when the receiver is switched off to re-activate the inserted SIM card.

Lower WIFI reception scale does not illuminate

WiFi (Access Point) is missing, out of range or correct credentials have not been entered

The lower WIFI reception scale says "WIFI ERROR".

Wifi password entered incorrectly or wrong data line selected

The lower WIFI reception scale says "NOT CONN".

Not connected to any WiFi

A green dot appears on the screen next to the telephone and wifi reception scales

The presence of the green dot on either scale means that the connection to the server is active, on the SIM when on the upper scale, on WIFI when on the lower scale.

The battery symbol and a numerical value appear on the screen

When the receiver is no longer connected to the 220V mains via its power supply, the battery symbol appears on the screen, coloured green when the voltage value is sufficient to operate the system, red when the voltage value is insufficient.

The system receives an alarm signal but does not make telephone or SMS calls

Do not press RESET until you have left enough time to make all stored calls.
Check that you have stored at least one phone number to call.
Check that you have enabled SMS numbers, VOICE in the memory page.
Check the validity of the SIM card and credit (for prepaid phones).
Check that everything is set up with INFO.
Check with INFO if everything is set up correctly.

Check LOG page and send to SISTECK the captured log images.

System does not receive when a TC sensor C6EVO is activated

Check that you are in range.
Check the operation with another sensor and if the latter works, send the used sensor to the supplier for replacement (usually every two years it is recommended to do this even if it does not appear to be malfunctioning, the batteries inside have a natural self-discharge even if the device is not used).
Check whether the internal LED lights up when the magnet is removed from the sensor, otherwise the sensor is exhausted.

The system displays the message "LOW BATTERY CONNECT POWER SUPPLY" on a red background accompanied by a 20-second sound signal.

In this condition, the stored numbers will receive the message “LOW BATTERY, POWER OFF” and then the receiver will switch off. It is necessary to restore the 220V power supply by checking that the yellow LED above the CHARGE message is lit. Switch the receiver off and on again.