The decision to sell a foal must be well-pondered and the sale itself should take place in the right way. It needs, in fact, to meet the needs of the client, respect the animal and, obviously, be in your interest.

Every buyer has some preferences that you might see as whims, but which could actually be sound and which you need to understand to exploit in the best way. Basically, when you wish to sell a foal, you need to adopt a “pragmatic sale” technique. But how can you make the most out of a situation that might be problematic? How can you sell a horse without speculating but making nonetheless a profit?


A good persuasive language can surely help, but it should be used moderately and respecting all the parties concerned. You shouldn’t forget that the sale of a foal could be made easier by specific characteristics of the animal, which the buyers should be made aware of. Among these are health, bloodline and future prospects in regard to resale and races. Let’s talk about them in detail.


A healthy foal is valuable in every way. Selling a foal in good health is, therefore, easier and will generate a higher profit. The foal shouldn’t be either too thin or too fat and it shouldn’t have foot problems. It should be well-fed and have a strong body, but also some other qualities, like beauty. If the foal will present these characteristics, the sale price will increase considerably.

From this point of view, our Foaling Alarm is a true ally for professional breeders. Our foaling alarm systems, C6 Evo or C6 Birth Control, are useful for monitoring the foal’s health from the birth: they will inform the breeder at the time of foaling, so that s/he can avoid sleepless nights and can protect the health of mother and child.


The bloodline carries a considerable weight in the future of the foal: the offspring of stallions and champion mares are likely to be successful too. Therefore, when you decide to sell a foal, you should start from them.

Also the offspring of fine breeds can be sold for a good price. They will win over mainly passionate buyers and those who participate regularly in horse beauty contests and aspire to top positions.

sell a foal


The future prospects of a foal are linked to its health and bloodline. Therefore, before selling a foal, reflect carefully and try to understand how to highlight all its characteristics and link them to its future prospects.


Finally, don’t forget that the aim of a sale is to get the most out of every foal, even those that, at first glance, do not have the right physical requirements. Also, before accepting an offer, remember that it’s important to figure out whether the buyer will be able to meet the foal’s needs. In the first place s/he shouldn’t, obviously, deprive it of its dignity, let alone of a suitable life. Better an offer which is not too profitable for the owner but good for the animal, than the exact opposite. This, among other things, is what selling a foal in the right way means.

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