Equine farrowing signalling systems: the breeder’s allies

Foaling of equines is a very sensitive time, and breeders must constantly monitor the situation to ensure the safety of the mother and foal. For this reason, there are good equine parturition reporting systems that allow breeders to be alerted in real time at the onset of contractions and labour of the mare. In this article we will find out what these systems are, how they work, why they are useful for breeders and the devices to consider.

What are farrowing signalling systems

Farrowing signalling systems for equines are technological tools that allow the progress of foaling to be monitored in real time. In particular, they alert breeders at the onset of contractions and thus just before the foal is born. Typically, these systems work thanks to sensors placed on the mother’s body. Today, there are devices that use the best technology for monitoring pregnancy and sending notifications directly to the breeder’s phone. The latter, thanks to the signalling system, can intervene promptly to assist the mother and the foal during the birth and prevent any complications.

Why equine farrowing signalling systems are so useful

Just as we have said, farrowing signalling systems are useful for breeders as they allow them to continually monitor the situation and to be alerted as soon as calving begins. These instruments therefore allow the breeder to be present at such a delicate moment in which man can make a difference by following the mare and protecting her young. Thanks to this instrumentation, there is no risk of missing the moment of birth. It is therefore possible to help the mare prevent complications or to act immediately if necessary.

Furthermore, it must be said that equine foaling signalling systems help reduce stress and fatigue for breeders. The latter, in fact, can avoid sleepless nights watching the mare waiting for foaling and can rest in peace knowing that they will be alerted at the most opportune moment. In summary, the use of these systems is an important ally and safety measure for breeders and horses.

equine parturition signalling systems


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