The most expensive horse breeds in the world

There are many horses and they are all very beautiful, but which are the most expensive horse breeds in the world? This is a question that many people ask themselves, especially those who want to become breeders or at least buy a horse.

Some thoroughbred horses, already champions in some discipline, have been paid 7-figure sums, because they are splendid specimens with a unique pedigree. They are champions in every field and make it possible to recover the amount spent in a short time… Let’s see which are the most expensive and loved horse breeds in the world.

This is almost always the most expensive choice

When deciding to buy horses for competition or resale, the most expensive yet profitable choice can be this one: the English Thoroughbred. Often referred to as the “horse breed par excellence”, it is one of the most beloved horses of all time and the most present in sporting competitions. Without taking anything away from the other specimens, we can say that this is the ideal solution for all those who want to breed horses with an excellent pedigree, which can be resold at significant prices.

But what are the other most expensive horse breeds?

One of the most expensive breeds is the Arabian horse. With its very dark coat and excellent beauty, it is the ideal choice for many breeders and buyers. Another uniquely beautiful specimen is the Andalusian Horse, a refined animal with an innate elegance. Other more expensive horse breeds include the Albino Horse, with its clear eyes and white coat, and the magnificent Irish Horse. The latter is very good at jumping and is considered the best cross-country horse. Also not to be underestimated is the Friesian horse, originally from the Netherlands.

Primo piano cavallo albino

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A very special mix

Another of the most expensive horse breeds is the Sardinian Anglo-Arabian horse. This specimen is the result of crossing indigenous Sardinian horses with Arabian horses crossed with English thoroughbreds. It is an excellent horse for racing, as it is so fast that it is also very skilled in show jumping. It is also very popular in equestrianism.

Breeding the most expensive horse breeds

If you want to breed horses, you can do it with all the necessary care and equipment. Among the tools that breeders should not underestimate, especially if they want to breed the most expensive horse breeds in the world, is our Foaling Alarm. With the C6 Birth Control you have a kit with a micro transmitter and a receiver with GSM modem. The latter registers up to 8 telephone numbers.

How does the Foaling Alarm work? It is very simple: the transmitter is installed in the vulva of the bitch during the last days of pregnancy. The system is activated as soon as foaling begins and notifies the breeder and all registered numbers in real time. In short, this is a very useful tool for those who choose to breed the most expensive breeds of horses. It allows you to keep your animals safe and under control from the moment they are born.

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