C6 EVO IoT: the new foaling alarm system for equines

Foaling alarm systems for equines, help us protect the health of foals before they’re even born.
An advanced device, like the C6 EVO IoT, is just the right aid to keep tabs on gestation progress and receive constant updates.

A horse’s pregnancy can last anywhere from eleven to twelve months, and the final period can be quite critical. Better to have an extra aid, a device that can alert us just before delivery.

The use of these tools protects both the mare and her foal. Once alerted to the situation and the impending foaling, the manager can intervene promptly and avoid any kind of problem.

Let’s see in detail how our new device works and what are its most interesting advantages.

How C6 EVO IoT works

The C6 EVO IoT device, is the upgraded version of the previous “C6 EVO“.

As with its predecessor, we are talking about an equine foaling alarm system that helps monitoring the final stage of mare pregnancies.
The system includes several elements that help control it. A small sensor is applied near the horse’s vagina, in order to detect the first contractions, which are usually involved in the early stage of parturition.

Once the contractions are recorded, the sensor transfers a signal to a second device, equipped with a handy touch screen for managing the settings. This second device sends a message – or a call – to the emergency numbers stored in it. This way, the people in charge are notified in advance and can intervene immediately. The entire process takes only a few minutes and provides the mare and foal with the highest level of protection.

With the C6 EVO IoT upgrade, you will also be able to monitor the situation through the new C6 IoT App.
The mobile app is a pretty cool introduction, as it only speeds up the monitoring and control process.

If you’re concerned about the horse’s health and impending foaling, the app can reassure you within minutes.

cs_evo_iot_app_02             cs_evo_iot_app_01             cs_evo_iot_app_03

Why choose an equine foaling alarm system

Sometimes, being able to tell that the horse is close to giving birth is not so immediate.
On some occasions, the animal may decide to momentarily “hide” the onset of contractions, slowing down the intervention of the expert.

A fast and efficient foaling alarm system like C6 EVO IoT allows us to prevent any kind of emergency situation.
The people in charge are notified instantly, directly on their cell phones, and can receive the notification at any time.

This way, you don’t risk showing up unprepared and, at the same time, you can protect the foal from any difficulties one step away from birth.
Now that the foaling period has begun, we recommend purchasing a foaling alarm device to ensure protection and safety for broodmares and foals. We of Sisteck Srl are on the market as manufacturers and distributors of different types of foaling alarm systems, contact us to receive more information about our devices and their use.

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